Which is the right tool for you? - Pruning

•       Light aluminium handles

•       Tempered steel blades

•       Replacement springs available

Like many tools we buy for the home price is often our guide, but for pruning tools the other guide should be how much gardening you do. But when it comes time to buying pokies new zealand a new tool for yourself or someone else, the selection is vast and it can be a little daunting.So the next time you find yourself standing in front of a display of tools trying to decide which to buy, here is some information that should help make your choice a little easier.

Buying Tips

  • Different types of blades
    • Bypass, means that the action of the blades work like scissors, they cut by passing each other
    • Anvil, cuts with one blade than comes down on a fixed edge
    • Straight, has no curve to the blades
  • Cutting action
    • Ratchet cutting action can be found on secateurs and loppers. The ratchet action multiplies the power of the user many times, ideal for gardeners with limited hand strength as only repeated light pressure is needed to make the cut
    • Compound action adds extra leverage  that will increase the power of the cut
  • Handles
    • Ergonomic handles are designed to give a more natural fit in your hand
    • Extendable loppers are where the handle can be extended to give you more reach and leverage
    • In general an oval shaped  tube for the  handles will make it stronger
    • How does the grip feel, you don’t want them slipping from your hand as you prune
    • How comfortable are the handles to hold, this is important when doing a lot of pruning
  • General
    • How is the weight, a lightweight tools doesn’t necessarily mean poor quality any more. Superior lightweight materials like Nyglass  are in use today
    • Cutting capacity is the size of the branch it will cut; it should be indicated on the packaging
    • Are the blades accessible enough for you to sharpen them
    • Check the locking mechanism, does it lock securely and is it easy to operate
    • Check that it has a guarantee

Tool Maintenance 

  • Keep the blades of your secateurs, loppers and hedge shears clean of sap  build up on the blades reducing their cutting power. You can buy sap cleaner, but a quick scrub with a steelo will do just fine
  • Keep the blades sharp to ensure all of your cuts are clean, blunt blades will cause tearing or squashing of the wood
  • If you can’t sharpen them yourself then take all your tools to a professional or better still check out your local hardware store for a sharpening service
  • Oil all moving parts with CRC or light machine oil
  • Check the springs for wear, replacement springs are available in most garden stores
  • Store them carefully in a safe dry place out of the reach of children

McGregor’s Stainless Steel Bypass Pruning Shears McGregor’s Bypass  Pruning Shears McGregor’s Ratchet Anvil Pruning Shears

19mm Cutting Width

Soft touch comfort handles
Stainless steel precision blades
Easy locking mechanism

19mm Cutting Width

Light aluminium handles
Tempered steel blades
Replacement springs available

25mm Cutting Width

Teflon coated steel blade for clean, friction free cutting
Comfortable grip
Built in oil wiper for blade maintenance


General pruning
Fits a smaller hand
Pruning fruits and flowers

Pruning fruits and flowers


Perfect for general pruning
Good for arthritic hands
Pruning fruits and flowers