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NZ Gardener Poppy Peace Project

Help build a happier, friendlier and more connected NZ!

Poppy Peace Project 2018

The delicate Flanders Poppy is traditionally a pledge of peace, as well as a symbol of remembrance. So be part of NZ Gardener & McGregor's Poppy Peace Project, and sow your free seed to build a happier, friendlier and more connected New Zealand!


This month your NZ Gardener magazine comes with a free packet of Flanders poppy seeds from us here at McGregor's. We're calling on your to sow these seeds in a way that contributes to the community you live in. That might be as simple as planting them at the front of your house for passers-by to enjoy; gifting plants to friends at your garden club; or working with your neighbours to plant them at a a local school, retirement village, church, hall or war memorial (with permission, of course!), Then send through photos and a message of what you have been up to to before November 30, 2018 or write to them at Poppy Peace Project, NZ Gardener, PO Box 6341, Wellesley St, Auckland 1141.
Also make sure to check out the McGregor's Facebook page for exciting updates and giveaways!


Poppies do best in well drained soil and full sun. They look fantastic growing en masse; if planning on planting in a drift, spray the area first with McGregor's Weed Out to clear weeds and grasses, wait seven days, sow direct, then rake lightly and water. You could also sow them in pots, or start them in trays and plant them out as seedlings in spring. Feed your plants in early spring with a controlled-release fertiliser such as McGregor's PlantMax. Once they are flowering, feed them with a liquid fertiliser, like McGregor's Fruitmax Flower & Fruit Food.

22 January 2019