McGregor's Fruit and Flower Plant Fertiliser

Product Description: 
Flower and Fruit Food
Product Features: 

Wuxal® Top K is a complete liquid fertiliser for flowering, fruiting and root-crop plants, it is absorbed by plants through their foliage and/or roots. The high ratio of potassium maximises the production and development of flowers, fruit and root crops while the trace elements enhance general plant health. Wuxal® Top K can be mixed with most commonly used insecticides and fungicides so can be applied as part of your spraying programme or separately using a watering can. Apply every 7-10 days during active growth. Also ideal for container growing.

N Nitrogen: 
5% - Promotes leaf growth
K Potassium: 
12% Maximises flowering, fruiting and sweetness
P Phosphorous: 
8% - Accelerates healthy root establishment
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