McGregor's PlantMax Granular Fertiliser

Plantmax™ controlled release plant food provides the strongest possible start for new plants. One application in spring continuously fertilises your plants for the first two growing seasons (up to 18 months).

Suitable for roses, perennials, small to medium shrubs, fruiting plants, and large ornamental trees.

Product Features: 

Plantacote  pluss is a coated controlled release fertiliser which in addition to nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, contains magnesium and trace elements in every granule.The rate of nutrient release is temperature related with more nutrients released in warm weather when plants need it the most, and less in cooler weather when plant metabolism slows down.

N Nitrogen: 
Nitrogen Promotes leaf growth 14
K Potassium: 
P Phosphorous: 
Mg Magnesium: 
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