McGregor's Pyrethrum

Product Description: 
Controls insects on fruit, vegetables and ornamentals.
Product Features: 
  • Makes up to 40 litres
Product Precautions: 
Toxic to bees - spray must not contact plants in flower if they are likely to be visted by bees. When mixing and spraying use protective clothing. Do not eat, drink or smoke while using. Wash hands and exposed skin after use and before eating. Dispose of empty container safely. Toxic to fish. Avoid contamination of any water supply with chemicals or empty container.
Mix well prior to and during application. Do not store ore-mixed solution. To ensure good control, complete coverage of the target is necessary. Do not apply in direct sunlight ot when temperatures exceed 32ºc. Use caution on young plants and on new growth. Do not spray plants in flower while bees are present.
5ml per litre of water. Repeat applications as necessay at 7-14 day intervals.
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