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Which is the right tool for you? - Pruning

•       Light aluminium handles

•       Tempered steel blades

•       Replacement springs available

Composting at Home

Many things have changed over the years for home gardeners. We no longer have to blend our own fertilisers and potting mixes but the one product that is still great to make at home is compost.

Which is the right tool for you?

When it comes to cultivating the soil – which is the right tool for you?

The single best thing you can do for your garden is to cultivate the soil it is the base for all of your future successes. Garden tools are an expensive out lay for any household, choose well, check out our tips to maintaining your tools so that you enjoy years of service.

Harvesting and Preserving Herbs

Growing in Containers

Planting in containers is one of the best things to do in the garden because the options are endless.


Water is an essential to plant life and although plants differ in their needs, none would survive without it.  During the dry months of January, February and March water becomes even more important, the sun is at its ma


Adding fertiliser to the soil has been practised from the time humans first started gardening, all cultures recognised the need to enrich the soil to aid the production of a healthy crop.  The biggest change to fertilisers came post the Second World War, before that only organic fertilisers were available, usually in the form of animal manure.


  • Add a wetting agent to your sprays; Try McGregor’s Spray Stick - this will increase the efficiency of the spray with better foliage coverage and penetration.


Weeds are some of the most persistent and determined plants in nature, they often survive in the most barren of soils.  Weeds compete for valuable nutrients, light and moisture and they can harbor a wide range of pest and diseases.


As we are now more and more cautious about what goes in to our food and where it comes from some of the old garden practises are becoming important again.  Crop rotation is one of these practises and it simply a method to increase the health of your plants, cut down on the use of chemicals and gives you a bumper harvest.


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