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Growing Guide

Growing Leafy Greens

Enjoy fresh lettuce from your own garden this summer!

Growing Leafy Greens

Lettuce is the easy to grow, garden staple. With so many varieties and colours, there is an option to suit any family! But even if you don't have a lush backyard garden, you can grow lettuce in planters and even buckets! All varieties of lettuce requires full sun, good fertiliser and well-draining soil.

Lettuce Seed Cos Verdi
A high quality, green selection of Cos Lettuce. Very uninformed, compact habit with well-filled hearts.

Lettuce Seed Great Lakes
A great favourite that has been tried and true for many years. Great Lakes is well established as being a good lettuce for summer and autumn harvesting.

Lettuce Seed Buttercrunch
Tender, crisp and juicy leaves -
Slow to bolt, small, tightly bunched lettuces reach 15cm across.

Lettuce Seed Crisco Crisphead
This variety has been bred for its ability to handle the "cool seasons" namely, Spring Autumn and Winter.

Lettuce Seed Fancy Mix
A popular blend of 15 fast-maturing mixes. Various coloured varieties of all leaf shapes and types found in lettuce. Ideal for adding colour and texture to salads.

Lettuce Seed Lollo Rosso Red
Loose-leaf lettuce, with fringed and crinkled leaves and tips tinged in deep red.

Lettuce Seed Mesclun Mix
Add spice to any salad - refreshingly different!
This mix includes: Endive Corn Salad, Rocket Chocory/Raddichio plus Oakleaf, Curled Green & Curled Red Lettuce.

Corn's Salad - Lambs Lettuce
Fantastic for salad and Mesclun mixes. Possibly named Lamb's Lettuce as it usually appears around lambing season and quickly becomes their favourite food! An easy-to-grow plant suitable for salad or mesclun mixes

22 July 2024