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Onehunga Prickle Weed

Learn how to get rid of this despised turf weed before its too late!

Onehunga Prickle weed

Onehunga weed (Soliva Sessilis) which is commonly known as prickle weed is a much despised turf weed in New Zealand, mostly for the fact it is almost guaranteed to put its tiny seeds with sharp-needled prickles in your bare-feet when you walk across your lawn. Originally a native to South America the plant is now well established across the world including Australia, New Zealand, Southwest France, Hawaii and several states across the United States. This invasive species appears small and can look like common parsley, with an exposed upward pointing rosette of seeds in a pod nestled at the branch junctions. If the plant is allowed to develop small bright flowers will appear.

To destroy Onehunga weed in your lawn, it is best to apply McGregor’s Onehunga Prickle Weed Control before it flowers and forms the seeds. If you leave treatment until after the seeds are already present the prickles will still be in the lawn. Spring and Autumn is the best time of the year to apply this - when weed and lawn growth is at optimal levels.McGregor's Onehunga Prickle Weed targets and kills prickles Thistles, Onehunga Weed, Cape, Daises Pennycress and Plantains but does not effect your lawn if the provided directions are followed.

Alternatively you can remove it manually by pulling it out at the root when it is large and has started to flower, but you must do this before it has started seeding. After rain when the ground is soft make it easier or try with McGregor’s Daisy Weeder which helps to pinch the tap root and enables some leverage while getting under the central core.

21 May 2024