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Urban Honey Bee Hive

​The Local Bee Hive is a Prebuilt Place for Bees to Flourish.

​The Local Bee Hive is a honey bee hive designed by Will Jordan that acts as a place for bees to flourish without having to worry about predators or disturbances.

localbee_03.jpgThe Local Bee Hive is ideal as a way for people in urban locations to get involved with beekeeping without having to feel as though they require extensive equipment.

The Local Bee Hive is crafted from wood, cork and mycelium in order to keep the design as natural as possible and reduce the instance of noise disturbances and drastic temperature changes. localbee_05.jpg

The honey bee hive comes as a solution for how regular consumers who live in more developed areas can partake in beekeeping or help to support bee colonies in their existing spaces.– GENUIS

By: Michael Hemsworth - Apr 7, 2017


19 July 2018