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How do I keep my garden weed free?

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Weeds are here to stay, the seeds arrive in your garden in various ways, by sticking to your shoes, clothes, or are carried in by birds and wind. Here are some tips to help keep weeds at a manageable level.

  1. Mulching smothers weeds before they emerge. Organic mulch offers other benefits to your garden too, such as providing valuable nutrients, encouraging earthworms, and conserving moisture.
  2. Weed mat is another form of mulching. The mat covers the soil to prevent weeds from gaining hold. There are two types of weed mat; one is a spun fabric, the other woven.
  3. Simply out-plant weeds with desirable shrubs and flowers. By doing this you will crowd out light and space, giving the weeds less chance of taking hold.
  4. Use a garden hoe on the weeds when they are small- 5 minutes on the end of a hoe will save you so much weeding time. By lightly pushing the hoe through the soil you chop weeds off at the roots, leaving them to compost back in to the soil.
  5. Remove weed flower heads by pruning or pulling them off, this will stop the plant from producing seed.
  6. McGregor’s Weed Out Advanced Weed Killer will do a pretty good job too.

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