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How do I plant vegies and fruits in pots?

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The key to success in pot planting is keeping the water up. Pots dry out far quicker than garden beds and even if your plants don’t die they will be in survival mode, concentrating on seed production at the expense of fruit or flowers. Even if you think your pots are moist, the best gauge is to stick your finger down a few centimeters in to the mix to check how well the water is penetrating. Don’t pile soil in pots right to the top, leave a few inches of space to allow water to pool on top and soak in rather than run over the sides. Remember wind will dry pots out just as quickly as full sun.

Invest in quality potting mix, ideally one designed for container-grown plants. This will contain a water retention agent such as Saturaid, which helps hold water in the soil and around the plant’s roots for longer. Poor-quality potting mix will quickly leach nutrients and your plants will starve. Plants in containers rely on you for their every meal- they can’t send their roots down into the earth to get nutrients from the soil – so feed every few months with a slow-release fertiliser. Avoid using garden soil in containers as it is usually to heavy, doesn’t drain well and can harbour pests, diseases and weed seeds.


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