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How do I tackle summer garden pests?

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When plants are stressed by high temperatures, they are far more susceptible to attacks by garden pests.

Here are a few common summer garden gremlins to look out for:

Red spider mite breeds at a rapid rate during hot, dry weather. You will typically find them on the underside of the leaves of roses, vegetables, shrubs and annuals. They suck the sap from the foilage of these plants, leading to a silver or grey colour on the leaves. Once the plant is infected with these bugs it will quickly deteriorate.

Clear away weeds in your garden as they may harbour mites. For best control, use McGregor’s spraying oil to control mites, apply directly to the mites as it works by suffocating them.

Slugs and snails are moluscs. Their soft slimely body can move over surfaces by waves of movement. Snails carry a protective shell in which they can hide. Slugs and snails are active at night and in warm humid weather. During the day they hide in dark damp places under plants or leaf litter.

McGregors Slugs & Snails Pellets can be used to control the slugs and snails.

Mealybugs (or Mealy bugs) are tiny insects found on plant stems and leaves. The bugs feed by sucking on the plant sap. Mealybugs excrete a sticky substance called honeydew which ants and wasps like to feed on. Ants may farm mealybugs by protecting them from attack so that they can feed on the honeydew.

McGregor’s General Purpose Insect Spray effectively kills mealybugs by suffocation.


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