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What are easy-to-grow Asian vegies?

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Oriental vegetable varieties have becomes a part of our everyday diets. And, like other fresh vegetables, they taste better if they’re grown in the home garden and harvested just as they’re required. Many grow easily from seed, which means you can sow every couple of weeks and extend the harvest over a long period. Two easy Asian vegies to grow in your backyard are Chinese Cabbages and Chinese Snow Peas.

Chinese Cabbage must be grown quickly because any change in their growth will cause the plants to develop flowering shoots and go to seed; this spoils the sweet tender flavour of the leaves. If the plants do go to seed allow the seed heads to develop to maturity and the seeds will sow themselves in their own spots in the garden. Otherwise, Chinese Cabbage loves a full-sun site and only takes 8-10 weeks to reach maturity.

Chinese Snow Peas are climbers that can be sown against a fence or a trellis. The snow peas do not even need to be grown in a vegie patch because these plants are attractive enough to grow amongst ornamentals. And, if space is short, snow peas can be planted into a large pot or on a tripod. Do not forget snow peas, like their name suggests, like the colder months..


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