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What are some tips to make sure I get the most out of my seeds?

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Sow seeds in shallow trays or recycled plastic plant punnets. Vegies that hate root disturbance, such as carrots and coriander, can be sown in peat pots.

Sow in sterile seed-raising mix. This mix contains slow release fertilisers and fungicides to prevent damping off.

Pour seeds into your hands to prevent sowing too thickly and to ensure an even distribution in the soil. For very fine seeds, mix with sharp sand to aid sowing.

Moisten the seed-raising mix. If sowing parsley or parsnips, pour boiling water on the mix first to aid germination.

Sow thinly, because seedlings that are too crowded can be affected by damping off.

Label seed trays with the variety name and sowing date. This is important, as small seedlings can all look the same.

Keep seeds moist. Cover your trays with a plastic bag, clingfilm or glass to prevent the mix drying out.


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