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What are the best flowering plants for attracting bees?

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Blue and yellow flowering plants are the best plants for bees. These plants are even better if they are mass planted so bees can spend their time foraging in one area. Our native Hebe is also a bee magnet, as are fruit trees such as apple, pear, citrus and plum trees. Bees love herbs like borage, rosemary, lavender, sage and thyme too along with popular flowering annuals and perennials such as alyssum, catmint, cosmos, marigold and phlox. Keep an eye out for the 'Bee Friendly' logo on our seed packets, otherwise, check out the list below for our bee friendly seeds:

  • Alyssum- Pastel Carpet Mix
  • Poppy Mix- Californian
  • Cornflower- Country Blue
  • Cornflower- Polka Dot Mixed
  • Cottage Garden- Mix
  • Delphinium- Pacific Giant Mixed
  • Forget Me Not- Marine Blue
  • Marigold- African Mixed
  • Marigold- Durango Outback
  • Marigold- Petite Mixed
  • Nasturtium- Gleam Double Mixed
  • Stock- Dwarf 10 Week Mix
  • Sunflower- Dwarf Big Smile
  • Sunflower- Golden Crown
  • Sunflower- Teddy Bear
  • Sunflower- Dwarf Mixed
  • Sunflower- Russian Giant
  • Sweet Pea- Dwarf Gem Mixed
  • Sweet Pea- Symphony Mixed
  • Sweet Pea- Mammoth Mixed
  • Sweet Pea- Royal Mixed
  • Wildflower Mixture

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