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What to plant in the garden in January?

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It’s still not too late to plant out sweetcorn seedlings, especially if you live in a warmer area. In colder places go for a short-season variety. Choose a position sheltered from strong winds with plenty of sun and well-drained soil. Dig plenty of compost, lime and/or blood and bone into the soil well before planting, as sweetcorn needs fertile soil.

  • Whether you’re a telegraph fan or prefer the tasty little apple types, now is the time to plant cucumber seedlings as they need a good couple of months of hot weather to crop well.
  • Fill up the gaps. Don’t let the weeds take root in the bare space when you’re harvesting early corn, potatoes or peas. Plant salad or winter greens immediately.

Tip: Beans, cucumber, pumpkin and dill are good companion plants for sweetcorn


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