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Weed Out Protect 500g

Code: G32440

Available now at Woolworths Australia

McGregor’s Weed Out Protect effectively stops weeds before they start, ensuring your ornamental plants (whether in pots or in the ground) and warm-season turf lawns stay weed-free. Simple to apply via the easy-to-use shaker pack and water in. This product offers up to 3 months of protection, preventing a variety of weeds from taking root in your garden.
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Planting Instruction
  • Easy-to-use shaker pack, just spread and water in
  • Prevents weeds before they start
  • Protects from a range of weeds for up to 3 months
  • Excellent results for ornamental plants and lawns
Specs & Warranty
Prevents A range of weeds from growing for up to 3 months
Area of Use Lawn, Ornamentals in-ground and in-container
Pack Size 500g
Coverage Area 10g/m2 – 20g/m2 dependant on weed type
Solution Type Granule
Application Type Shaker Pack
Organic No
Pet and Livestock Friendly No. Do not graze treated turf or lawn; or feed turf or lawn clippings from any treated area to poultry or livestock.
Safe for Edibles No
Active Constituents 10 g/Kg Pendimethalin and 7.5 g/Kg Dimethenamid-P
Safety Keep out of the reach of children Read safety instructions before opening or using. 
Hazard Classification Poison
APVMA Approval No. 93696/140210


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