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Moss Control 200ml

Code: MOSS200N

Kills Moss, Liverwort, Lichen and Algae

200ml Concentrate makes between 4 and 20 Litres Can be used on wide range of surfaces. Kills Moss, Liverwort, Lichen and Algae. A general Moss control spray. All Patio Areas: 25-50ml/litre of water. Lawns, Paths & Synethetic. Turf: 25-50ml/litre of water. Earthenware Pots, Shadecloth, Potted Plants, Weedmat & Windbreak
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Specs & Warranty
Measurement/Pack Size 200ml
Coverage Area
Solution Type Concentrate
Application Type
Area of Use
Organic No
Pet and Livestock Friendly No
Safe for Edibles No
Kills Moss
Kills cont.
Kills cont.
Results in 500g/l Benzalkonium Cloride in the
Active Ingredients form of an emulsifiable concentrate
Active Ingredients cont.
Active Ingredients cont. 6.1C
Safety HSR006501
Hazard Classification
HSNO Approval Cofe


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