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200ml Amitrole Plus Weed Killer

Code: WAMIT200N

McGregor's Amitrole Plus Weed Killer is a broad spectrum non-selective weed spray. It controls hard to kill weeds like Bamboo, Cape Ivy, Couch Docks, Mercer Grass Periwinkle, Sorrel, Wild Onion, Wooly Nightshade and Wandering Jew.
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Planting Instruction
  • Makes upto 20L
  • A broad spectrum non-selective weed spray
Specs & Warranty
Measurement/Pack Size 200ml
Coverage Area
Solution Type Concentrate
Application Type
Area of Use
Organic No
Pet and Livestock Friendly No
Safe for Edibles No
Kills Bamboo
Kills cont. Grass
Kills cont. Wooly Nightshade and Wandering Jew
Results in 3-4 weeks
Active Ingredients 400g/l of Amitrole in the form of a
Active Ingredients cont. soluable concentrate
Active Ingredients cont.
Safety 6.4A
Hazard Classification HSR000423
HSNO Approval Cofe
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What is Wandering Jew?

1 answer

Wandering Jew (also known as Tradiscantia and Wandering Willie) is a trailing, soft, hairless, perennial groundcover weed. Succulent, soft, creeping stems root at nodes where they touch the soil, the leaves are dark green (sometimes black), shiny, smooth, and are oval with pointed tips. White…

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