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Planting Instruction
  • 200ml Concentrate makes up 20L. Rainfast in 2 hours. Kills a wide range of weeds including Dandelion, Paspalum Broadleaf, Grasses and Thistle - roots and all. No soil residue. Visible brown off may take 7-14 days.
Specs & Warranty
Measurement/Pack Size 200ml
Coverage Area
Solution Type Concentrate
Application Type
Area of Use
Pet and Livestock Friendly
Safe for Edibles
Kills Dandelion
Kills cont. Grasses and Thistles
Kills cont.
Results in 7-14 days
Active Ingredients 360g/L of Glyhosate as the iso
Active Ingredients cont. salt in the form of a soluable
Active Ingredients cont.
Safety 6.3B
Hazard Classification HSR007694
HSNO Approval Cofe
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What exactly does Yarrow look like and what is the best way to treat it without harming my lawn grasses?

1 answer

Yarrow is a common weed of pastures, roadsides, gardens and waste places. It has feathery branched leaves and sends up a flower stalk topped with a disc of white or pink flowers. It spreads easily by sending out rhizomatous roots from which new plants grow forming a dense mat of…

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