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200ml Woody & Scrub Weed Control

Code: WWOODY200N

McGregor's Woody and Scrub Weed Control is for use on woody scrub and hard to kill weeds including Brooms Fennel, inkweeds, Lupin Buttercups, Cape Ivy Convolvulus, Docks, Poplar Privet, Sorrel, Thistle Willow and Stumps
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Planting Instruction
  • 200ml concentrate makes up to 8L
  • Kills stumps to the roots and prevents regrowth
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I have a stump in my garden which is re-sprouting, how can I stop/kill it?

1 answer

When a tree or shrub is cut down the majority of the plant may be left in the ground as a substantial root system. The stump often re-sprouts with renewed vigour. Even if the stump is removed, some trees and shrubs will re-sprout from small pieces of the roots left in the…

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