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Growing Guide

A guide to growing indoor plants

See our top tips to keeping your indoor plants not only alive, but thriving!

Guide to growing indoor plants

With the recent rise in popularity, indoor plants have fast become an easy way to bring greenery and life into your home. Indoor plants can also be beneficial for your health as they improve the quality of the air and they can also help reduce stress and create a feeling of well-being! So here are our top tips to keeping your indoor plants thriving…

Pick the right pot…
You’ve found the perfect indoor plant to match your personality and style, now you need the perfect pot to match! Make sure to select one that not only looks good but is also functional. You need to be able to lift it easily, it needs a good hole drainage and a matching saucer will always make things easier! If the one you like doesn’t come with drainage holes and saucer, this could be just a decorative pot so you will need to have a proper draining pot for the plant inside.

Give it some Vitamin D – if it likes it!
Different plants require different amounts of light but most of all they like a stable and comfortable temperature. Don’t position them in direct sunlight as it may cause burning, place in a spot where it gets a stable amount of sunlight and cool breeze, this will help your plant thrive. Always read the instructions or guide to your plant to ensure the correct spot.

Indoor plants don’t like too much water, so be sure not to flood them. The best rule of thumb is to keep the soil slightly moist by only watering when the top layer of soil once it has become dry. If you do water too much and the saucer becomes full, let the water sit for 30mins and then tip any excess out.

Feed them, and they will grow
A premium potting mix will give your new plant the best start but a good plant food will feed your plants for the whole growing season. Try McGregor's Plant Max 400 – it promotes leaf growth, accelerates healthy root establishment, maximises flowering and improves overall appearance, health and growth.

Keep it tidy
Dust and dirt can build up on your plants causing the pores on the leaves to block. Lightly spray occasionally with water and wipe with a soft cloth for more stubborn spots. Or if the plant is on the smaller side - pop them outside during a gentle rain shower. Be sure to maintain them by removing dead or unhealthy leaves.

08 July 2020