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What is the best way to treat prickle weeds in my lawn?

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Onehunga weed, commonly called prickled weed, and bindii in Australia, is a branched prickly-seeded weed that forms in patches up to 40cm across in lawns, playing fields and golf courses.

It is a very unpleasant weed in lawns and turf due to prickles on its ripe seeds which makes walking or lying on the lawn painful.


In lawns

Apply McGregor’s Onehunga Prickle Weed Control as it effectively kills Onehunga weed but leaves your lawn grasses unaffected. Allow 2-3 weeks for prickle weeds to die, optimum control is achieved in spring, summer and autumn when weed and lawn growth is vigorous. For situations where prickle weed or Hydrocotyle is predominate, undertake soil management at the same time – both prickle weeds and Hydrocotyle prefer sour acidic (i.e. low soil pH) and poorly draining soil. Apply 100 g/m2 of lime two weeks prior to spraying. Also consider improving drainage, removing shade or aerating the soil to make the area less suitable for these weeds.


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