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Great for Kids

Create your own Sunflower House!

Get the kids involved in creating their own Sunflower fort these school holidays!

Make your own Sunflower fort!


1: Mark off where you want the sunflower fort to be. Pick a full sun-spot that has good soil and is flat, make sure to leave a gap for your door.

2: Dig a trench along the marked area, digging down about 30cm - loosen the soil.

3: Use the McGregor's 2.4m stakes to make a circle trellis - or bamboo is a fantastic alternative! String together each stake for extra support.

4: Plant your sunflower seeds, to have thick 'walls' you will need to plant 2 rows of seeds leaving about 30cm between each row.

5: Look after your seeds! Get the kids watering them every day and use McGregors Fruit Max to feed them. Once they have begun to sprout up, cover the soil with mulch to protect from the heat.

6: As they grow, give them guidance by tieing to the stakes using McGregor's Soft Twist Tie

Image source: Pinterest

25 February 2024