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Great for Kids

Egg Carton Seed Starts

Growing seedlings in an egg carton is an easy beginner’s gardening project for kids!

​How to grow seeds in a Egg Carton

Cut egg carton to the size that you want.

Add potting soil to individual egg cups in carton.

Poke a hole in the center of each cup. Place one seed in each hole. Cover with soil.

Water your seeds!

Place on tray and take indoors. Keep them in a warm light filled location until they begin to sprout. Make sure to water seeds everyday. The soil should stay very moist.

Once the seeds have sprouted into small seedlings, you can transfer them to a permanent location.

Make sure the egg carton is very wet and saturated before moving the seedling outdoors. Tear off one of the egg carton cups.

Dig a hole in the container you are transferring to, using your trowel.

Place the egg carton cup directly in the soil. It will decompose.

Water your seedlings every day to help them grow!

Start with an easy to grow plant. Try our Zucchini seeds as part of our Mighty Edibles Competition!

Before planting your seedlings it’s a good idea to take your tray outside and acclimate them to being outdoors. You can start by taking them outside in the shade for a day or two before transferring them.

15 June 2024