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Get ready for Autumn!

Check out our handy tips to prepare your garden

Our top tips for preparing for Autumn

Keep those herbs
Have a warm spot on the deck? Bring any potted herbs to the warmest spot on the deck before the weather gets too cool, this will help you enjoy fresh herbs for that bit longer!
Harvest and freeze herbs for cooking before the winter chill takes over, you can also dry herbs like mint, thyme and oregano for herbal teas and make a nice mixture with some sweet herbs for potpourri!

Clean up the Garden
This is the time where the leaves will start falling, so it is best to keep on top of dried leaves in the backyard before creatures make it their new home. Try one of our handy pop-up bags, as these are super lightweight with a heavy duty handle - it makes it easy to carry as you tidy up. Once your done they fold flat for easy storage or you can clean it out and use it around the home for storage with toys, shoes or as a clothing hamper - genius!

Storing Seeds
If you have been growing heirloom plants from seeds, Autumn is the time to collect seeds from both flowering and kitchen garden plants. For this you need to avoid harvesting a few fruits and flowers. With fleshy vegetables such as tomatoes, pumpkin and melon, pick them when they are fully ripe and scoop all the seeds out for drying in a well ventilated area. Beans and Peas should be left on the vine until the pods are dry and crackly. Corn should also be left to dry on the stalk until the kernels dent.

Prepare your soil for Winter Veggies
Turn over the soil well, making sure to remove any weeds and break up hard lumps. A great way to improve your soil is to of course add compost. If you're not planning on planting autumn and winter veges
, spread compost over the garden bed in mid-late autumn and cover it with winter mulch such as chopped leaves and by spring the organisms will have worked the compost into the soil. If you use your own compost that is made mostly from plant materials - you can add this to your just planted Winter Vegetables and Perennials or soon to be planted garden beds.

08 April 2020