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Growing Guide

Growing Cabbage

Super versatile, full of nutrients and a perfect companion to your winter vegetable garden!

Growing Guide to Cabbage

Cabbage is an easy to grow vegetable and as it is a close relation to Broccoli and Cauliflower - is perfect for the winter garden! With so many different ways of consuming cabbage such as pickling, steamed, stewed, fermented (sauerkraut) or eaten raw as part of a salad - the whole family will enjoy this super versatile vegetable full of vitamins and minerals!

How to pick the best Cabbage for your garden;

Cabbage Golden Acre Seeds
Firm and crisp variety. Suitable for most seasons. An old, but reliable variety but still very popular and adapts well to most seasons. Best grown in the garden and can be harvested in 13-15 weeks.

Cabbage Derby Day Seeds
Small, space saving, single serving mini cabbage. Best grown in a sunny spot and can be harvested in 13-15 weeks.

Chinese Cabbage Michihili Jade Pagoda F1 Hybrid Seeds
Attractive barrel-shaped heads. Oriental cabbage crisp, light green outer leaves with a light yellow interior. Great for stir fry salads and also pickling.

How to sow your Coriander
Choose a well drained site in full sun. Sow these seeds in trays for subsequent transplanting or, after frosts, sow direct where to grow in a well-prepared seedbed. Sow seeds 3cm apart, in rows 45cm apart and to a depth of 5mm

Care for seedling
Keep seedbed or trays evenly moist during the germination period of 7-14 days. Apply McGregor's VegeMax 2 weeks after germination for healthier plants and a maximum crop. Protect your herb garden from snails and slugs with McGregor's Snail and Slug bait and from White Butterfly with McGregor's Derris Dust.

Hints and Tips
Early round-headed cabbage that is easily grown and extremely versatile. Try it cooked or raw in stews and salads.

15 June 2024