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Growing Guide

Growing Forget Me Not Flowers

This densely clustered dainty blue flower is beautiful and easy to grow!

Growing Forget Me Nots

Forget me not are the beautiful blue clusters of dainty flowers. Perfect for naturalising a shady woody area as they thrive in shaded and moist areas, but they can also adapt to full sun making them a hardy choice for bordering gardens or tree lines. Forget me not also spread easily and freely self-seed in new spots and require minimal care.

Forget me not are an amazing source of food for bees late spring and early summer. Bee's love yellow, purple and blue so the density clusters of these flowers attract the bees for a rich source of food.

How to choose the best variety for you

Forget Me Not Seed Ultra Marine Blue
The most common type of Forget Me Not plant - bears hundreds of densely clustered dainty blue flower and is very easy to grow with minimal maintenance required. Bee's love them as a great source of food late spring through to early summer.

Chatam Island Forget Me Not Blue Seed Kopukapuka
An NZ native variety with large deep green glossy leaves. Spectacular, blue waxy forget-me-not flowers make a vivid display.

How to plant your Forget me not
Forget me not flowers prefer shady/partially sunny areas that have a moist base. Plant the seeds direct into your flower garden after all danger of frosts has passed, they require a good source of moisture in order to truly flourish. Cover seeds lightly with a small amount of soil and fertilise in Spring and Autumn. Mulching may be required in Winter to protect them from frost especially in Southern NZ.

06 July 2020