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Growing Guide

Growing Radishes

Available in many beautiful sizes, shapes and colours for any type of dish!

Growing Radishes

Radishes are a root crop that are juicy, crunchy and can be eaten straight from the garden. Radishes are available in many different sizes, shapes and colours. While widely known for eating straight from the garden or adding to your favourite salad, with recent culinary explorations you will find them in many different dishes.

They germinate quickly and grow rapidly making them great companion plants as they suffer from very few pests or diseases. With a relatively quick maturation time of 4 to 6 weeks and the ability to grow them all year round and with frequent sowings they are guaranteed to be a constant supplier. Available in many different sizes, shapes and colours - they are also great for pickling and preserving!

How to choose the best variety for you

Radish Seed Highlight
Fantastic gourmet versatility. A perfect radish for assing colour and zest to your salads. Add a sparkle to your salad. Cute 50/50 red/white round roots are crisp, tasty and very easy to grow.

Radish Seed Fiesta Mixed
Quick and trouble free to mature and only occupies a small space in the garden. Lots of different shapes colours and bicolours. Everyone has their favourite radish & it will be in there.

Radish Seed French Breakfast
Sweet, crunchy, cylindrical roots. A longer red-skinned radish with a white splash at the root end. It Is slightly milder than other varieties; perfect for eating now.

Radish Seed Red Globe
Crisp and crunchy salad favourite. Quick and trouble free to mature and only occupies a small space in the garden. Small, bright red and crisp roots. Our most popular variety and a reliable performer in all but the heart of winter.

Radish Seed Fireball F.1 Hybrid
More traditional style,
this variety produces less 'pith', less cracked or hollow roots and is a nice bright 'red' in salads and side dishes.

Radish Seed Amethyst
Striking contrasting bright purple and mild white flesh.
Rounch radish with a marvellous purple skin. White flesh is slow to go pithy.

Radish Seed Daikon Japanese
A traditional Japanese
long white radish, milder in flavour and prefers cooler weather. A favourite vegetable for oriental dishes.

How to sow your Radish Seeds
Choose a sheltered, well drained site in full sun. Sow these seeds direct where to grow in a well prepared seedbed Sow seeds thinly in rows 30cm apart and to a depth of 1cm

Care for your Radish Seeds

Keep seedbed evenly moist during the germination period of 7-10 days. Apply McGregor's FruitMax 2 weeks after germination for healthier plants and a maximum crop. Protect your vege garden from snails and slugs with McGregor's Snail and Slug bait and from White Butterfly with McGregor's Derris Dust.

Hints and Tips
Sow your radishes every 3 weeks varying the location as a precaution against pests and diseases and always position in full sun.

01 March 2024