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Growing Sweetcorn

Nothing beats corn on the BBQ - so plant some yourself this summer!

Growing Sweet Corn

Nothing beats fresh corn on the BBQ, so plant some in your own garden this summer! Sweet corn is particularly easy to grow and is a great choice for smaller gardens as they just need vertical space. Sweet corn is best planted after the frost of Spring has long gone in warmer climates, or once summer has arrived in southern NZ. Make sure to plant in the warmest spot in the garden to ensure you get the freshest, juiciest corn. Stalk taller plants if in wind prone spot, to protect them from falling.

Sweet Corn Seed NZ Yellow
A NZ produced Super Sweet variety. Juicy cobs. A heavy yielding, golden yellow Sweet Corn grown and produced in New Zealand. This not only eliminates the need for an MPI (MAF) chemical treatment on the seed, but helps our NZ seed growers.

Sweet Corn Seed Golden Sweet
Tender & Juicy. Exquisite sweetness. Famous 'supersweet' corn. Specially bred for their high sugar content and their ability to stay sweet for longer. A modern variety with pure golder yellow kernels. Nothing beats fresh picked corn from your garden!

Sweet Corn Seed Honey & Pearl
Famous bicolour 'supersweet' corn. Specially bred for their high sugar content and their ability to stay sweeter for longer. Nothing beats fresh picked corn from your garden. This variety has excellent vigour for getting plants off to a quick start.

Sweet Corn Seed Dwarf Brilliance Mixed
The 'Queen' of sweet corns extremely tender kernels result in greater ease when eating!

How to sow?
Choose a sheltered, well-drained site in full sun. Sow these seeds in trays for subsequent transplanting or, after frosts, sow direct where to grow. Sow seeds 15cm apart, in rows 75cm apart and to a depth of 3cm When seedlings are 5-1ocm high, thin them to 30cm apart.

Care for seedling
Keep seedbed or trays evenly moist during the germination period of 7-14 days. Apply McGregor's FruitMax 2 weeks after germination for healthier plants and a maximum crop. Protect your vege garden from snails and slugs with McGregor's Snail and Slug bait and from White Butterfly with McGregor's Denis Dust.

Hints & Tips
This variety is renowned for its disease resistance, as well as its sweetness and tenderness. For successful wind pollination, plant in a block pattern Caution: Seed is fungicide treated to minimise fungal attack during seed germination and/or as a requirement by the Ministry of Agriculture.

Do not eat seed or feed to animals

15 June 2024