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How to help bees in NZ

Start thinking for your spring garden, what can I do to help the bees?

How to help bees in NZ

Bees are such a crucial part in our gardens and environments - without bees in our gardens, they would never grow or thrive! Albert Einstein said, “If the Bee disappeared off the face of the earth, man would only have four years left to live". So what can we do to help the humble honey bee survive next spring?

Plant bee-friendly garden
Fill your garden with bee-friendly flowers! Wild flowers, Calendula, Cineraria, Cornflower, Cosmos, Forget me not, Foxglove and so much more will help to feed the bees in your area in turn pollinating your food! Check out our full range of flower seeds and keep a eye out for the "bee friendly" symbol! Click here

Garden Organically
Keep an eye out for organic products and use them at sunset when the bee's have gone back into their hives.

Keep them hydrated
A small or shallow bowl of water with some stones or twigs for the bee's to land on will create a space for them to hydrate each day.

Have a swarm?
Do you have a swarm that has suddenly arrived? Call your local beekeeping club and they will happily come and remove the swarm in a safe and friendly manner.

Protect them from Wasps
Wasps steal beehives of honey stores. Confirm you have wasps before addressing them and use something like Wasp Nest Killer or Wasp Eliminator.

Support local bee lovers
Check the source of your honey to make sure it's from a beekeeper that cares about their bee's not just about the production and final dollar amount. Keep an eye on your local Facebook group for local beekeepers, these no named honey pots can be some of the most beautiful honey you've ever tried!

22 September 2020