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How to use our Moisture, Light and pH Meter

Measure soil Moisture, pH and Light just by plugging in the probe!

How to use your Moisture, Light and pH Meter

This 3 in 1 soil testing tool is designed for quick and easychecking of soil through Photometer (light testing)Hydrometer (moisture testing) and a PH meter (PH level testing).

Directions for use

• Select Moisture, pH or Light as required to measure levels

• Stick the probe about 2-4 inches into the soil - making sure to avoid big stones

• Adjust the position until the pointer on the dial swings slightly

• Wait for 10 mintues to take note of the readings of Moisture, pH or Light

• Remove probe from soil and wipe clean after each use

Download the PDF here - 3XMETER - Directions.pdf

25 February 2024