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Make Marvellous Meals with Microgreens

Microgreens not only add colour and flavour, but they provide vitamins and essential minerals to any meal!

Make Marvellous Meals with Microgreens

Microgreens are the young tender shoots and leaves of newly germinated herb and vegetable seeds. Fresh microgreens are a great healthy garnish to almost any meal. They not only add colour and flavour, but they provide vitamins and essential minerals, including potassium, iron, zinc, magnesium, and copper.

Ready grown microgreens are available in supermarkets, but they are so quick and easy to grow from seed, and they couldn’t be fresher and crisper than if you snip them and sprinkle them on your dinner direct from the pot where you have grown them.

Grown from seeds they are ready to eat in a few days and can be grown all year round. Get your family involved in choosing their favourite varieties and growing their own.

General Growing Directions

Although you should follow the directions on individual varieties, these are general directions for growing microgreens.

How to Sow: Sow indoors in a tray or shallow container with good drainage. Sow at the rate advised on the label, this will vary. Lightly cover seeds with damp soil. Gently firm the soil and cover with kitchen paper. Alternatively, if seeds and roots are to be consumed, sow on damp kitchen paper in a tray or shallow container. Lightly cover seeds with damp kitchen paper. Keep moist.

Seedling Care: Once germination occurs, move the tray to a bright area with indirect sunlight and remove top kitchen paper, if present.

Hints & Tips: A clear cover, such as perforated plastic wrap, is recommended to conserve moisture, but ensure ventilation is not inhibited. Only water soil and do not wet the seedling leaves. Harvest by snipping with scissors when first true leaves appear.

The new McGregor’s Microgreen range has nine new varieties to choose from:
The Chef’s favourite, cress adds a peppery flavour without the heat. Cress is great in herb butters and the old favourite cress sandwiches, mixed with mayonnaise and boiled egg.

There are those that don’t like the texture of full-size broccoli. Even they will enjoy broccoli microgreens. They add a crunchy nutritional boost to any meal.

Radish microgreens are fast and easy to grow. They add a spicy pepperiness to salads, and as a garnish to Asian dishes and casseroles. They are usually cut and used once the first true leaves appear and are mild. But they will get more peppery the longer they are left.

Coriander microgreens add an authentic fresh taste to Asian cuisine. A little can go a long way.

Mustard microgreens are mildly spicy giving your meals that mustard flavour without too much heat.

Sweet basil microgreens are a great garnish for all your Mediterranean dishes. They add a succulent sweet herb flavour.

Looking for colour for your salads or a colourful garnish? Beetroot microgreens also provide the delicious earthy flavour of the root.

Red Cabbage
Packed with vitamins and minerals, red cabbage microgreens are crisp and tender. They make an ideal accompaniment for all your salads.

Add a fresh, rich nutty flavour of brassicas to salads, coleslaws, stews, and casseroles.

Microgreen Mix
A mix of basils, beet, cress, mizuna, parsley, rocket, and parcel. These microgreens give you bags of colour and flavour and are packed with vitamins and minerals. Add flavour and garnish to any and every meal.

18 April 2024