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Prevent pests in your garden

Prevention is better than the cure - see our handy tips on preventing unwanted pests in your garden!

Prevent pests in your garden

Having pests take over your garden can be so disappointing, but prevention is better than a cure. Here's our handy guide to help you avoid unwanted pests!

Encourage healthy soil
Where it all begins! Healthy soil grows healthy plants - regularly using natural fertilisers containing fish and seaweed help to build healthy soil. Also keeping an eye on your Moisture, Light and PH levels to ensure your soil is receiving enough of the basics to encourage rich growth - you can check your levels with the
McGregor's Moisture, Light and pH Meter.

Don't overcrowd your plants
Healthy air circulation around your plants helps to prevent damp conditions that promote the growth of pests and fungi. Ensuring your plants are in the correct area of your garden to receive the right amounts of sunlight or water will ensure you get a bumper crop.

Attract beneficial insects
The good insects prey on the bad - and these good insects are attracted by pollen and shelter. Encourage them to your garden by planting bee-friendly flowers such as
Marigold - keep an eye out for our bee-friendly logo on our flower seeds range.

Repel Pests
Herbs are not only great in the kitchen, but they are also a natural pest deterrent. Strongly scented herbs such as
Basil, Tarragon, Rosemary and Coriander are great companion plants for your vegetables while also helping to prevent pests.

Rotate your crops
Pests can persist in your soil from one season to the next, l
eave planting members of the same family crop family in the same area for a couple of years. This can be difficult for small or shady gardens but persistence is key to avoiding them in for the long term.

Check out your plants regularly
Keeping an eye on your plants and their condition is the key to catching and fixing the problem of pests early. Be sure to look under foliage for pests and remove any fruit or foliage that may be affected. If they continue to be a problem, treat as early as possible with
McGregor's All Purpose Spraying Oil.

Keep a record
Keeping notes on what pests you've found in your garden, what treatment was involved, and the outcome is an easy way to become more proactive in the prevention of garden pests.

18 April 2024