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The best edibles to grow in pots

Check out the best edibles you can grow in pots so you can take them on the move!

The best edibles to grow in pots

Renting can make people hesitant to start their own garden, but planting in pots means you can take them with you when you move! Here's the best edibles for pots...

Perfect for pots, hanging baskets, recycled pallets and even old guttering! Keep moist and feed well with a good fertiliser such as
McGregor's Fruit and Flower Fertiliser.

Depending on the type of tomato, depicts which pot would be best. Tall growing plants require a decent size bucket or pot and stakes for guidance. Smaller cherry tomato varieties are great for hanging baskets and buckets. Picking the fruit regularly and feeding well will encourage constant growth - check out our Vege and Ornamental Fertiliser.

Microgreens are perfect for that beautiful bit of green on the windowsill during winter and you can grow in a pretty planter for an edible decoration. Try McGregor's Micro Green Mix seeds, ready in just 4-6 weeks.

One plant can be plenty for a small family where you have some that like it hot and some that don't. A medium sized terracotta pot or deocrative outdoor planter pot is perfect to hold you chilli plant. Try Arapeho Cayenne Chilli or Chilli Thai Hot for extra heat!

A family staple, perfect for pots and planters - but some varieties need more space than others. Fancy Leaf Mix is great for long planters where it has a little more space whereas a Mesclun Mix is better for pots.

Herbs are perfect for small pots - outside in a sunny spot, make sure to water regularly and if growing them inside make sure they are in a sunny spot - best on a windowsill. There are lots of types for everyone - check out our
herb collection.

28 January 2021