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Undercover Growing Accessories

McGregor's has the perfect accessories for your undercover planting!

McGregor's has the perfect accessories for your undercover planting!

Now that Winter has set in - undercover planting is a great way to continue growing green through the frost. The Winter Quarterly issue of KiwiGardener Magazine features McGregor's accessories that will help get you started with your undercover planting!

Ash Wood Trowel
Great for all those smaller gardening chores like planting, weeding, mixing additives - a must have for potting plants.

Ash Wood 9T Rake
Perfect for tidying leaves and garden waste from places a big rake can’t get to. Flat tines collect, rather than stab the leaves.

Ash Wood Cultivator
This hand cultivator is ideal for breaking soil and weeding between plants in your garden.

92mm Plant Labels
Stops you from forgetting what you planted! Includes 40 plastic labels with pencil.

200mm Garden Snips
These general purpose garden snips are ideal for garden and house hold use. Featuring rust resistant stainless steel blades, high density grips with soft touch inserts for added comfort.

Micro Green Seed Mix
This trendy, colourful and healthy garnish thrives in greenhouses and is ready for harvest in just 4-6 weeks. Perfect for the home chef!

20 September 2021