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400g Vege and Ornamental Fertiliser

Code: VEGE400

McGregor's VegeMax instantly starts working plus includes a controlled release fertiliser one application at planting will feed most veges and herbs through to harvest. VegeMax promotes leaf growth accelerates healthy root establishment, maximises flowering and fruiting and improves appearance, health and growth.
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Planting Instruction
  • For use on all veges and herbs
  • Contains trace elements that are essential for all plants.
Specs & Warranty
Dimensions 60x140x210 mm
Weight 0.4 kg
Measurement/Pack Size 400g
Suitable for Leafy Vegetables and Ornamentals
Suitable for cont.
Time Release 3 Months
Pre-Emergent Weed Control
Fertiliser Type
Season Use
N-P-K Ratio 20%-4.4%-12.5%


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