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Mountain Daisy Seed

Code: M4205

Masses of dazzling white daisies are welcoming like small beacons in the cool mountain mist.The foliage is green or silver green and in some species as much a feature as the flower. Spectacular in any rock garden where their natural habitat can be recreated. Plant between rocks and light material such as scree remembering to keep their roots cool.
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Planting Instruction
  • How To Sow: Into trays for subsequent transplanting or after frosts sow direct where to grow. Place seed 15-25cm apart and cover seed to a depth of 5mm.
  • Seedling Care: Keep seedbed or tray svenly moist during germination period. Germination period 14-21 days. Sometimes slow and erratic.
  • Hints and Tips: Celmisia like a cool soil simply mix in peat, moss and some gritty sand. A few small rocks at the base of the plant also helps.
  • Our seeds are not treated with Neonicitinoids
Specs & Warranty
Dimensions 2x103x165 mm
Weight 0.006 kg
Seed Count Approx 7
Botanical Name Ceimisia Spp
Seed Type Native
Sowing Position Full Sun
When To Sow (Tropical Zone 1) Spring
When To Sow (Tropical Zone 2) Spring
When To Sow (Temperate Zone) Spring
When To Sow (Cool Zone 4) Spring
Grow In Gardens
Annual or Perennial Perennial
Seed Depth 3mm
Seed Spacing 15-25cm
Plant Spacing
Harvest/Flower/Maturity Time 15-30cm


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