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Pea Seed Sugar Snap

Code: M6646

Sugar snap peas are delicious and an east variety to grow. A tall variety growing to 100cm. Thick walled peas providing a juice, sweet and tasty vegetable. Eat both the pods and peas. Eat raw and cooked.
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Planting Instruction
  • How To Sow: Choose a sheltered, well drained site in full sun. Sow these seeds direct where to grow in a well prepared seedbed. Sow seeds 8cm apart in rows 60-80cm apart and to a depth of 2-3cm.
  • Seedling Care: Keep seedbed or trays evenly moist during the germination period of 7-14 days. Apply McGregor's FruitMax 2 weeks after germination for healthier plants and a maximum crop. Protect your vege garden from snails and slugs with McGregor's Snail and Slug bait and from White Butterfly with McGregor's Derris Dust
  • Hints and Tips: Pick fleshy pea pods while young and juicy. Use like a bean. Provide a trellis or something similar for support. CAUTION: Seed is fungicide treated to minimise fungal attack during seed germination and/or as a requirement by the Ministry of Agriculture
  • Other: Do not eat seeds or feed to animals.
  • Our seeds are not treated with Neonicitinoids
Specs & Warranty
When To Sow (Tropical Zone 1) Autumn
When To Sow (Tropical Zone 2) Autumn
When To Sow (Temperate Zone 3) Autumn
When To Sow (Cool Zone 4) Spring
Grow In Gardens
Annual or Perennial
Seed Depth 2.5cm
Seed Spacing 8cm
Plant Spacing 8cm
Harvest / Flower / Maturity Time 11-13 weeks
Harvest/Flower/Maturity Time cont.


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