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200ml Onehunga Prickle Weed Control


McGregor's Onehunga Prickle Weed Control kills prickles Thistles, Onehunga Weed, Cape, Daises Pennycress and Plantains.
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Planting Instruction
  • When directions followed, this product is safe to use on grass.
  • Kills Thistles, Onehunga Weed Cape, Daises, Pennycress and Plantains
  • Will treat 100m2
Specs & Warranty
Measurement/Pack Size 200ml
Coverage Area 100m2
Solution Type Concentrate
Application Type Sprayer Application
Area of Use Lawns
Organic No
Pet and Livestock Friendly No
Safe for Edibles No
Kills Prickles
Kills cont. Daisies
Kills cont. 7-10 days
Results in 72g/l Bentazone in the form of a
Active Ingredients soluable concentrate
Active Ingredients cont.
Active Ingredients cont. 6.3B
Safety HSR000425
Hazard Classification
HSNO Approval Cofe
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What is the best way to treat prickle weeds in my lawn?

1 answer

Onehunga weed, commonly called prickled weed, and bindii in Australia, is a branched prickly-seeded weed that forms in patches up to 40cm across in lawns, playing fields and golf courses. It is a…

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