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Copper Oxychloride


Copper Oxychloride control fungus and bacterial diseases on fruit, vegetables and ornamentals such as Blackspot Fire Blight, Leaf Curl and Brown Rot. The easy to use shaker pack is compatible with most insecticides and fungicides.
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Planting Instruction
  • Controls Blackspot, Fire Blight, Leaf Curl and Brown Rot
  • Easy shaker pack
  • Do not mix with Lime Sulphur
Specs & Warranty
Dimensions 63x63x201 mm
Weight 0.25 kg
Application Type Spray
Plant Type Fruit
Measurement/Pack Size 200g
Controls Black Spot
Controls cont. Leaf Curl
Controls cont. Verrusosis
Concentrate or Ready to Use Concentrate
Indoor/Outdoor Outdoor
Safe for Edibles Yes
Organic No
Safe for Pets Yes
Active Ingredients 500g/l copper as Copper Oxychloride
Active Ingredients cont. in the form of a wettable powder
Hazard Classification 6.1D
HSNO Approval Code HSR000740


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