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Microgreen Mustard

Code: MS3588

Mildly spicy succulent greens

Sweet earthy flavour. Packed with nutrients including, vitamins A, C, E & K. Excellent flavour for salads and stir fries, smoothies and as a garnish.
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Planting Instruction
  • How to Sow: Sow indoors in a tray or shallow container with good drainage. Sow about 20 seeds per 10 cm2 (8 g will cover approx. 500 cm2). Lightly cover seeds with damp soil. Gently firm the soil and cover with kitchen paper. Alternatively, if seeds and roots are to be consumed, sow on damp kitchen paper in a tray or shallow container. Lightly cover seeds with damp kitchen paper. Keep moist.
  • Seedling Care: Once germination occurs move tray to a bright area with indirect sunlight, remove top kitchen paper if present.
  • Hints & Tips: A clear cover, such as perforated plastic wrap, is recommended to conserve moisture, but ensure ventilation is not inhibited. Only water soil and do not wet the seedling leaves. Harvest by snipping with scissors when first true leaves appear.
Specs & Warranty
Seed Count Approx. 8 grams
Botanical Name Brassica juncea
Best Months To Sow - Temperate Regions All year round
Best Months To Sow - Warmer Regions All year round
Sowing Position Indirect light
Grow in Trays
Seed Planting Depth 3 mm
Seed Spacing Tight
Harvest/Maturity 1 -3 weeks


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