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Renga Renga Lily Seed Rock Lily

Code: M4850

Found growing naturally in dry, rocky coastal regions this plant will do well both in wet and dry condiditons. Beneath a canopy of tall trees, it will enjoy the shade and protection from frosts. Striking when grown in bold groups, try a climp in the foreground of a native shubbery. Long lasting display in the garden and very useful & decorative flower.
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Planting Instruction
  • How To Sow: Best sown into a tray of quality seed raising mix. Cover with a fine mix to a depth of 1cm.
  • Seedling Care: Cover with plastic to conserve moisture. Remove plastic often to alloe ventilation. Keep moist throughout the germination period. Germination can be slow & erratic as seedlings grow provide increasing quantities of lights and fresh air.
  • Our seeds are not treated with Neonicitinoids
Specs & Warranty
Dimensions 2x104x167 mm
Weight 0.007 kg
Seed Count Approx 15
Botanical Name Artheopodium Cirrhatum
Seed Type Native
Sowing Position Half Sun
When To Sow (Tropical Zone 1) Out: Autumn
When To Sow (Tropical Zone 2) Out: Autumn
When To Sow (Temperate Zone) Out: Autumn
When To Sow (Cool Zone 4) Out: Autumn
Grow In Gardens
Annual or Perennial Perennial
Seed Depth
Seed Spacing
Plant Spacing
Harvest/Flower/Maturity Time


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