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Snail and Slug Pellets

Code: SNAIL400

These Slug and Snail pellets effectively control slugs and snails preventing them from damaging your plants. McGregor's Snail and Slug pellets contain Bitrex, a bittering agent which should deter most cats and dogs from eating them.
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Specs & Warranty
Dimensions 45x122x146 mm
Weight 0.42 kg
Application Type Pellets
Plant Type
Measurement/Pack Size 400g
Controls Snails and Slugs
Controls cont.
Controls cont.
Concentrate or Ready to Use Ready to use
Safe for Edibles Yes
Organic No
Safe for Pets No
Active Ingredients 15g/kg metaldehyde in the form of a
Active Ingredients cont. pellet
Hazard Classification
HSNO Approval Code


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