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Planting Instruction
  • Makes up to 20L. Mix Rates: Deciduous Plants in Winter: 40ml / Litre of water Deciduous Plants in Spring: 20ml / Litre of water Evergreen Plants: 10ml / Litre of water Indoor Plants: 5ml / 200ml of water (Apply with a soft cloth )
Specs & Warranty
Dimensions 37x77x150 mm
Weight 0.15 kg
Application Type Spray
Plant Type Range of plants
Measurement/Pack Size 200ml
Controls Scale insects
Controls cont.
Controls cont.
Concentrate or Ready to Use Concentrate
Indoor/Outdoor Both
Safe for Edibles
Safe for Pets
Active Ingredients 970m/l Mineral oil in the form of an
Active Ingredients cont. emulsified concentrate
Hazard Classification
HSNO Approval Code


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